Продукция Бобруйского мясокомбинатаJSC "Bobruisk meat processing plant" at present is a symbol of success, organization and prosperity. It's assortment list includes more than 400 items of meat: sausage, smoked meat, meat semi-finished products as well as food and technical fats.

To become the best, our company has always set itself high goals only: excellent quality and a wide range of products.The Bobruisk meat processing plant for many years won Republican tasting competitions. We are repeated winners of the specialized exhibition "Prodexpo" and received numerous awards at many other exhibitions such as "BELPRODUCT", "The World of Childhood", "Olympic Quality", "Republic of Belarus - Your Partner", "Best Product of the Year".

The most important strategic task at present for the company is proactive competition in the design and development of new products, new technologies, improving quality and consumer properties of its products.

The products of Bobruisk meat processing plant can be found in all supermarkets and big stores in Minsk.

One of the major directions of development for JSC "Bobruisk meat processing plant" in 2009 was the growth in export volumes. Increasing the supply of finished products, expansion of our presence in overseas markets, is the strategic goal for the meat-packing plant management. It should be noted also that a large part of our products is already exported to the foreign countries: Russia, Austria, Italy, Spain, England. In October and December 2009, we opened 2 brand shops in the city of Kaluga, Russia.

Stable operation of our plant is the evidence of it's cost-effectiveness, efficiency, confidence in the future and care about it's customers.